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About Us

Bamagau Kazil is a small community organisation managed by a Board of Directors which consists wholly of Torres Strait Islander women, the corporation and its services are based in Bamaga near the tip of Cape York. The organisation provides child care services for the residents of Bamaga and surrounding communities, services include long day care, afterschool care, vacation care and a youth activity centre.

The corporation has been operating since 1990.

In our relationship with children we aim to provide a harmonious atmosphere that is conductive to effective emotional, physical and social development.

We aim for warm and friendly interactions with the children in our care.
We encourage independence and strive to treat all children equally.
We encourage children to make the correct choices through expectations and consequences.
We encourage children’s communication and observe them by listening, watching and respecting what children are trying to tell us.
We support children in exploration and discovery of their world, and make every attempt to stimulate their curiosity.