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21st Anniversary Celebrations

21st Anniversary Celebrations was a success. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon. The weather was fine no rain and it wasn’t too hot. Thanks to the staff for setting up the Ama Lala Daycare centre, Ama Aukia Activity Centre and Ama Maizie Youth centre for the special event & Mr Robert & Team for doing the yards.

It was good to see a huge turn up. Thanks to the Directors, Staff, children, youth, parents and other community members, members from the Sister organisations – Injinoo, Umagico, New Mapoon, Seisia and for the men that helped with the BBQ. Big esso to HACC for bringing the community elders for the afternoon, they really enjoyed it. Also thanks to Cape York Ice & Tackle to advertise the event on your Roadside advertisement board & Umagico Supermarket to advertising at the shop. Thanks to Joelle, Gabbey at the Healing centre for printing all the T-shirts, well done girls and koeyma esso for Bala Jesse & Berlibal dance team to help with dance practice.

Thanks to the MC’s – (Directors Patricia Yusia & Jody Tamwoy facilitated the event very well). Inspiring speeches were made by PRESIDENT – Gloria Mau, CEO – Amanda Williams & Directors Rochelle Wasiu and Ugari Nona. There were messages from past staff, children/youth and government department workers that were read out to everyone by the Directors.

It was good to see the children entertain the guests with Island dancing and a special skit of “The 1st meeting of Bamagau Kazil TSI Corp – 1990”. The Directors also performed a special Island Dance for everyone. Thanks to Mrs Mary-Betty Harris for the dance training and for Mrs Diai Bagiri for dancing with us.

Thanks again everyone and we hope you all had a good time and hope you like the shirts, bags, backpacks, caps, hats, stickers and wristbands you received at the celebrations. Big

Esso & God Bless!


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